Free Web Hosting That you will need to know about it 2021

Free web hosts in 2021 That you will need to know

Free Web Hosting That you will need to know about it  2021

Disadvantages of free hosting

The disadvantages of free web hosting are Server failures: Many users of free hosting report increased server failures, which can paralyze the website at important moments. Uncertain: The offers of free web space are constantly changing. Data, websites or entire providers keep disappearing. If you want to secure your website in the long term, it is better not to save your data on free webspace. 

Slow service: As a free customer from whom the provider does not earn any money, you are of course the last to solve problems. Free web space usually comes with poor or inadequate customer service. Unnecessary advertising: Free-hosted websites are often overloaded with advertising banners and unsightly pop-up windows. This advertising can quickly make an otherwise professional website look dubious and unattractive. Missing scripts and SSL certificates: If you use web hosting for free, you have to repeatedly grapple with providers who have missing scripts and do not implement SSL certificates. 

Our recommendation Conclusion You need a new Website and want to publish it as cheaply as possible? Then the subject of free hosting is interesting for you. A number of companies offer free web hosting for websites. We have tested these providers of free webspace and on this page, we will show you your best options as well as all the advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting. Unfortunately, from the point of view of experts, the disadvantages of most free web hosting services outweigh the disadvantages. Because there are a number of arguments that speak against the use of web space for free. 

For example, the security and quality of cheap but paid web hosts is many times higher. Free web space always comes with some disadvantages. After all, the use of web space costs money and if you are not willing to make this small contribution yourself, the providers have to finance these services somehow differently. This can be done either through advertising or through the use of data about the customers. Often the web hosts also try to feed the free hosting customers with free web space so that they later opt for paid services with improved services. 

Free hosting and the use of free web space is ideally suited for school or fun projects. All companies and professional websites that are supposed to make money should also opt for other cheap options for security reasons. In addition, the websites of free web hosts are often overloaded with advertising, which does not seem professional. Our clear recommendation for low-cost new web projects is therefore clearly shared hosting, which is available for just a few euros. Anyone who wants to set up an online business or want to create a professional business card for their existing company on the internet should therefore not compromise on quality when it comes to web hosting. Cheap web hosts, on the other hand, make it possible to publish websites free of advertising, server failures and security problems.

For the reasons mentioned above, free hosting is actually only suitable for beginners. As soon as a website experiences a positive change or the company grows and needs a professional website, you should switch from free web space to one of the paid servers we have tested. Our team has carefully analyzed the most popular web hosting providers and we only present you with selected and best-rated providers.


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