How to create a professional quality website with just a few simple clicks

How to create a professional quality website with just a few simple clicks

This free tutorial will show you How to create a professional quality website with just a few simple clicks 

This guide was designed for the absolute beginner so no prior experience is required if you follow this tutorial in about 1 hour you will have a professional quality website without having to pay a web designer thousands of dollars your website will be easy to customize with a simple drag-drop website builder which gives you a high-quality professional design that will look great and function correctly on pc mac tablet or mobile here is an overview of what is in this guide how to create a website in 6 steps you should be able to complete all of these steps in about an hour lets get started 

step 1 choose a domain name the first step to setting up your website is to choose a domain name that is something like your 

You will need to choose a domain extension like com net org co while com is most preferred one of the other extensions above will work just as well once you know the domain name you'd like to use you need to check to make sure its available if your desired domain isn't available to try a different domain extension or try abbreviating or rearranging words once you find an available domain you are ready to move forward 

step 2 register your domain get web hosting in order to get your site online you need to register your domain name and get web hosting 

Web hosting is the service that stores the content images text videos for your website and delivers it to visitors when they visit your domain name where to get a free domain name with web hosting I personally use and recommend for web hosting and domain registration I like Bluehost for a few reasons they will register your domain name for free when you purchase web hosting they include free professional email accounts for example they offer a free automatic installation of WordPress the free website builder i show you how to use in this guide they have good customer service and offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason most importantly they offer fast reliable web hosting so that your website runs smoothly without issues disclosure Bluehost compensates me when you purchase through my link so my services are free of charge to you in fact if you have any trouble at all setting up your website with this tutorial just contact me and i will be happy to help Bluehost package will give you everything you need for your website here's how to register with Bluehost choose your web hosting plan either the choice plus or pro plan are good options both include unlimited storage space and free website backups as well as domain privacy the advantage to the pro plan is that it also includes a dedicated ip address and faster webpage loading speeds the difference is worth the extra cost if you are starting a business website but if its not in your budget then the choice plus plan will still give you everything you need3 put the domain name you want in the left box and click next to confirm that its available to register if you already have a domain name that you have registered and want to use it for your website then type your existing domain in the right box and then click next note the right box is only for those who have a domain they have already registered4 now you need to put in all your details to get registered5 you will also need to choose some options for your hosting package the 36 month plan gives you the lowest monthly rate the 12 month plan has a lower start-up cost you can cancel either at anytime and get a refund for the months remaining on your plain suggest avoiding the additional products for now they aren't necessary and you can always add them later if you want to6 now you will need to create a password for your account and move to the next step 

step 3 install your website create a custom email now the WordPress website building platform will be automatically installed 

While there are literally hundreds of website-building platforms far and away the most popular platform is WordPress. WordPress was first released back in 2003 as a simple platform for creating a blog since then it has grown to become the worlds most popular content management system for all types of websites currently WordPress supports more than 60 million users large and small including Bloomberg BBC America the Walt Disney company and many more this tutorial shows you how to build a website using WordPress because it is free to use WordPress is what's known as open-source software which means it is free to use and customize you just need to have a web hosting account2 easy for beginners you can get a professional website up and running in a few minutes by choosing from thousands of pre-made templates and using simple drag drop editing features no coding necessary3 customizable no matter what type of website you are starting WordPress is easy to customize for your needs once the WordPress installation is complete you will get an email with your WordPress login information make sure to keep track of your login info create a custom email address while you wait for WordPress to install you can go ahead and create a custom email address to use with your website this will be something like to do this from the Bluehost dashboard click the advanced tab on the left sidebar scroll down to the section called email and click on the link for email accounts click the blue button to create a new email account you can then fill out the details for your email account and click create at the bottom you can login anytime to your new email account by going to clicking login and then choosing webmail login 

step 4 customize your website now its time for the fun WordPress dashboard 

This is the area where you will make updates to your site just click the blue WordPress button on the home page of your blue host account to login to WordPress choose a site design site designs are known as themes in WordPress


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  1. Hey, Thank you for such a detailed article. I especially like the hosting criteria that you have mentioned in the post. I would like to add that managed web hosting is also a good option if someone is new to digital marketing or they are setting up first website on their own.

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