Top 5 Mind Bending Series

Top 5 Mind Bending Series

 5.) Sense8

Sence8 is about eight different strangers from different places and finding themselves connected.

This is one of the best series of 2015. For understanding this you really need patience and understandings. The best cast and location are the highlights.

If you are looking for a action Sci-Fi series then go for this, you would not regret it.

4.) Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a Science Fiction anthology series. This series examines about modern society, with regard to the unexpected troubles and consequences of modern technologies. This is one of the best Sci-Fi Mini series ever created, each episode follows completely different storyline which s very fascinating.

3.) Mr. Robot 

Mr. Robot is Thriller Drama show of Sam Esmail. The story follows Rami Malek who plays the main character named Eliot Alderson who is a cybersecurity engineer and a Hacker that suffers from social anxiety disorder and depression.

Just like the series Sense8 this also need patience, the story is quiet slow but a masterpiece. This series is modern masterwork which will stay in your mind forever, truly a rare and indisputable masterpiece.

2.) Westworld 

Westworld is a show created by Jonathan Nolan. The story takes place in a futuristic theme amusement park , Westworld.

Some section of this show may seems like inappropriate but it's just a piece of puzzle. The pilot episode may not be interesting but it's just a beginning. A great series conception to confuse the viewers and make them think think with character.

1.) Dark

Dark is a German Science Fiction show created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The storyline is that when two children goes missing from a small place in Germany called Winden, mystery gets burned day by day.

This is one of best Sci-fi shows ever created which blows your mind away. The casting and the atmosphere of the series just made it a lot better. Truly an engaging masterpiece from starting to the end. This is how a Tv Series should be done, most of the shows ending would be quiet disappointing but Dark has one of the best ending ever. Definitely worth your time.


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