Secrets Of Sulphur Springs (2021) Review

Secrets Of Sulphur Springs is an American mystery television series Directed by Ellen S. Pressman. This series premiered on Disney Channel on January 15, 2021. This series is set in the fictional Louisiana town of Sulphur Springs.

The story revolves around a boy and his family moving into a haunted hotel on the edge of a small town.

Each episode would make the viewers at the gripping level for the next episodes, the pilot was very different while looking into Disney Channel pilot episodes. From the storyline to the acting, this series one of the best in the Genre given. This series really seems out of a place for Disney. 

The mystery and suspense are intense and they really set it up to continue to build. Most of the watched ones didn't expect this kind of Disney series could get this better because by looking at this type of show containing the same genre's most of them is a flop or in different words, the other shows didn't even match to this series. The good direction made the series better it would be great if more dark and mystery series like this shows up from Disney. 

Louisiana as the background is beautiful and really adds to the suspense. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. It does have some "scary" scenes but for the most part, it's not a "scary" show but more of an edge of your seat mystery thriller!.  This show is really a deep-diving into the mysteries of the unknown


*Gripping, seat edge thriller

*The area that gives great visuals

*The storyline & plots




If you have any doubts. Let me know

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