Popular google doodle games that must play

Popular google doodle games that must play

Google Doodle Games

Have you tried any of the Google Doodle games yet? Now is the time to put them to the test. Google Doodle games are entertaining, social, and addictive (in a good way!).
Another advantage of Google Doodle games is that they don't need any special device set up to play – all you need is a browser and an active internet connection. Google sometimes removes these games, but if you've skipped them, don't worry. There's an entire library dedicated to Google Doodle apps, where you can browse through them. We take a look at the top ten Google Doodle games to date!

Here we also include a Top Ranked Google Doodle Games

  1. The Scoville Game.
  2. Basketball.
  3. Soccer.
  4. Rubik's Cube.
  5. Coding Rabbit.
  6. Hip Hop.
  7. Pac-Man.

Popular Google Doodle Games

The Scoville Game

In this doodle, you could freeze the chilies by slapping them with ice cream. If you lose, your character will be burned by the chilies, and the game will end. In honour of pharmacist and researcher Wilbur Scoville, Google created this game.


In this game, You must eat all of the dots while avoiding being trapped by the ghosts. Pac-Man is a yellow circle that can only be moved left, right, up, and down by the player. It's a fun game to play. You have three opportunities to avoid being caught, and if you are caught each time, the game is over.

Hip Hop

Although Fischinger allows you to compose music, the Google Doodle game Hip Hop allows you to mix tracks that helped to create Hip Hop. All of this is possible with the crossfader and virtual interactive turntables. DJ Kool Herc threw a party in 1973, which inspired the game.


When you're bored, you can play another Google Doodle sports game called soccer. Despite the fact that you cannot score goals in this game, you are a goalkeeper whose job is to avoid incoming goal attempts. To pass the goalkeeper, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, and to block the shot, press the Space key.


If you want to play a game without having to download one of the best cricket games, Google Doodle's cricket game is for you. The game was developed by Google. To score runs, tap or click the bat button on the game controller.


This game has a 24-second time limit, and you must score as many goals as possible in that time. If basketball is more appealing to you than cricket or soccer, this is the game to play. You should throw the ball through the hoop. Set the necessary pressure needed to make a specific target by pressing the Space bar or the mouse button.


You can make your own background music with this doodle and share it with your friends and family. At any given time, the game will present you with four different instruments on which you can position notes and compose music.

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