Yoast SEO - Powerful WordPress plugin For SEO

Yoast is a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin for WordPress. In the meantime, it has become the most common SEO plugin, setting a standard in the process. Yoast gives good ideas to users of WordPress sites as to what needs to be changed on a platform in order for it to rank in Google. The criteria for other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing, are almost similar.

Yoast SEO - Powerful WordPress plugin For SEO

What does the SEO plugin have to offer?

Yoast SEO comes with two versions: a free standard edition and a paid premium version. Also, the free edition adds value to many smaller websites without costing anything. The premium edition, logically, is more comprehensive, but it still costs 89$ a year.

It's almost compelling to grasp. Your WordPress platform is scored from a variety of perspectives. Green, orange, and red are the three categories: Green indicates that all is in order; The color orange indicates that anything may be changed.

Red shows you that a page is Has deficiencies under certain criteria that Google does not consider good, starting with the Google title and extending to the meta Both determine how your page is presented by Google. With the Yoast plugin, you can change these text modules directly in the plugin itself.

Optionally, you can also have a text examined directly according to SEO criteria for a specific keyword. With the free version, however, this is only possible for one keyword, with the premium version you can also check synonyms and related keywords.

Build-in breadcrumbs with Yoast Another very valuable tool is the creation and arrangement of breadcrumbs in WordPress. Subject pages or blogs can be used under certain circumstances be very complex.

Breadcrumbs are the individual stations when you divide the content of a page into main and sub-categories. That sounds more complicated than it is. To make things clear: breadcrumbs are also available on Windows. If you follow a path from multiple folders to get to a specific file, the folders will appear as breadcrumbs.

It's a tremendous help with navigation and highly recommended for SEO, as well as other features that are less relevant. This includes, for example, the Flesch Reading Score. It is only helpful for beginners or users who are very academic.

Nested sentences with many conjunctions and technical terms may be well received at university, for example, but this feature does not like such a style at all. Depending on what kind of audience you have, this can also be exactly the style that is in demand. Or a particular topic simply requires an abundance of technical terms.

Therefore, these points within Yoast should be treated with caution. Who should use Yoast? No matter whether you are a long-time professional or a complete beginner. The Yoast plugin can help anyone who works with WordPress.

As a plugin, it is integrated directly into WordPress after installation, saving time and effort. A very experienced content creator will write intuitively readable and more or less search engine optimized texts, but here, too, a final control instance cannot do any harm.

In addition, some keywords are never easy to fill and in such a case there is no avoiding a review and improvement. The paid version can also help a professional content manager a lot, because it optimizes the texts not only for search engines, but also for the social media Facebook and Twitter. This allows content to be specifically written and modified for different media.

How Yoast SEO Helps Beginners

Yoast SEO helps beginners But if you are new to WordPress and perhaps also to the writing of web content, you cannot avoid Yoast or at least an equivalent tool. Because the plugin is reliable and, according to the company, is updated every two weeks, just like the Google algorithm (there are 100+ updates on Google every year!).

The interface can be of great help to a beginner in learning how Google understands texts and what is important when writing, but it must also be clear that beginners and professionals should not rely on Yoast alone. It should not be declared the prime measure above anything else. Because there are also limits.

The limit of the plugin Yoast is a plugin that is purely dedicated to the structure of the content in WordPress. It cannot rate the content itself at all. To make this clear: It is possible to write a perfectly structured and search-engine-optimized nonsense that nobody can make sense of. If a topic is very complex and can only be described in technical terms and nested sentences,

the Flesch Reading Score is superfluous, as is the case with certain keywords. Sometimes required keywords cannot be meaningfully inserted into a text. Especially when it comes to long-tail keywords. But that is a rather old-fashioned and no longer up-to-date approach anyway.

Google is tending more and more in a direction in which keywords are taken out of context. You don't necessarily have to store them in this one for this. It's best to offer your readers as much added value as possible.

Then you're safe: Yoast is one of the best resources for WordPress blogs if you're aware of these considerations. As is the case for such keywords, the Flesch Reading Score is superfluous. When it comes to longtail keywords, the possibilities are endless. Then you're safe: Yoast is one of the best resources for WordPress blogs if you're aware of these considerations.


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