How to use IFTTT to automate your blog in a simple manner

 In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to automate your Blogger post using IFTT in a simple way. Let's  Move on to it

The Blogger to Twitter applet allows us to tweet our new Blogger post automatically.

Let's Look How to automate Blog using IFTT

#step-1 Sign up on IFTT

Search on google and If you don't create an account then create one or you can use social login to create an account after that on the Home page you can see on the right top corner create button. Like this  👇

#step-2 Creating an applet 

After clicking create button it's time to create our workflow Let's Look at how can we do that 

On if this click Add Button and button and search for Blogger Click then you can see the blogger service click on that and select Any new post as we can see on the image below 👇

After selecting that click on the connect button to connect our blogger to IFTT. Here a new window will open and from there select your google account associate with your Blogger and select your Blog name From there and click on the Connect button. Now it's Connected 

#step-3 Adding Twitter to our Workflow

Now it's time to connect Twitter to IFTT. Let's look at how can we do that 

Click on Add Button From there search For Twitter and Select Twitter From there select Post a Tweet Option as you can see on the below image 👇

After selecting the post a tweet option it's time to connect our Twitter account choose Connect button and authorize your Twitter to it. 

Click on the create action Button and now it's full connected as you can see on the below image 👇

Click on the continue button and Now we are done with it it's time to go. Have a Suggestion or Question? Put it on the comment box

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