WordPress Vs Blogger Which One to choose For Blogging?

Are you confused about which blogging platform want to choose to start your own Blogging website?. In this article, we are comparing WordPress VS Blogger which one is best as a Blogging platform

When we comparing WordPress VS Blogger both have their own Pros and Cons. Let's Look at their Pros and Cons and choose the service you Like. We are adding a list of things which we are discussing in this article. Let's start with WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems (cms) used by millions of websites on the internet. As we can see 40% of the website on the internet is made by WordPress in this we can understand that WordPress is one of the most used site builders on Internet.

WordPress is a 100%, Free site builder. We only want to Look at the pricing for Hosting it's Hosting and Domain Registration. We can use it for whatever you want and also have the freedom to customize WordPress at our Needs

It comes with lots of plugin options that will be quite beneficial to our website. A new plugin can be easily added to our website. It Is Very Helpful For Beginners To Start Their Own Blogging Website In WordPress, In Our Opinion. When it comes to hosting a WordPress website, the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting plan is a good option.

Now let's look at the Pros and Cons of the WordPress site Builder.

Pros of WordPress Site Builder

Cons of WordPress Site Builder

# 1 - Plugins

WordPress users have access to approximately 54,000 plugins, the majority of which are free. You may use these plugins to customize and improve any WordPress site. If you need to make specific adjustments to your site's functionality, there's probably a plugin for that. We prepared a Beginner's guide on The Best needed WordPress Plugin for Every Website

# 2 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As it comes to Website Traffic SEO is one of the most important factors that we can't exclude. SEO helps so much to our Website to get Traffic from Search Engines. In WordPress, There are Somany SEO Plugin Available. As it comes to our Choice start using Yoast SEO Plugin

# 3 - Free to Use

WordPress is a site builder which is 100% Free to use. Many of the themes and plugins are available for free because WordPress is open-source software, programmers can freely share code online. The possibility to save a lot of development time and money by leveraging existing code can result from code sharing.

# 4 - Easy to Use

WordPress is Easy to use Site Builder. We can create any type of Website using WordPress according to our Needs. Anyone can easily manage a WordPress website without More knowledge. It is easy to Add, Edit, and Delete Post in WordPress

Now Let's Look at the Cons of WordPress Website Builder

# one - Vulnerability of Website

WordPress is a common target for hackers and spammers because of its popularity. Even if we have WordPress's security plugins, it won't be enough to keep your website safe. If you have a blog area that accepts comments or a contact us form, your website is likely to get spammed. Going through the comments and emails can take a long time.

# Two - Customization

To make certain alter your WordPress site, you have to possess HTML, CSS, and PHP skills. If you want to personalize in a unique method 

Blogger is a Free and Open source Blogging Platform Owned By Google.com. With a Google account, we can simply sign in to Blogger and Start to write our New Blog. People who are looking to start their own Blogging Website Can go with Blogger.com. On Blogger Hosting is Free We only want to Pay Custom Domain If we Want. Otherwise, you can go with their Blogspot subdomain Mywebsite.blogspot.com.

Now Let's Look at the Advantage of Blogger

Disadvantage of Blogger

Let's Define the Advantage of Blogger

# One - Free Hosting

While choosing Blogger We don't Want to Spend Money on Hosting charges. Our Blogs are hosted by Google For Free. As it comes to security We don't want to get worried about hosting security because Blog is hosted By google and there is no worry about Website Downtime

# Two - Monetization

We can easily apply our Blogger Website for Google Adsense. There is an option in Blogger Dashboard >> Earnings Click on earnings and we can easily set up our Blogger website for Google Adsense and earn Revenue.

# Three - Custom Domain

If We already buy a Custom domain and we want to add it to our Blogger Website It is absolutely 100% Free Not Like another service. Blogger helps us to connect our Custom domain to the Blogger website for Free of cost.

Let's look at the disadvantage of Blogger

One of the main Problems of Blogger posts is permalink structure. If we publish a New Post on our Blogger website Permalink Structure will be a combination of year & Month.

# Two - Availability of Widgets

Availability of Widgets is Less as compared to WordPress on Blogger. So we get fewer options on Widgets in Blogger

In this article, we Just give the Advantage and disadvantages of Both WordPress and Blogger. It's all up to you Which Blogging Platform want to choose for your Website.

We Hope we cleared the comparison on our Article. If we have any doubts or Suggestions put them in the Comment Box we Can discuss

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