How Get Started with WordPress Blogging Website Easy Steps

Get Started with WordPress

Are You Looking to start your own Blogging Website using WordPress? But Don't Know How to Start a Blogging Website Using WordPress. This tutorial is for you. In This tutorial, we share an easy way to start your own Blogging website

Let's Move on to it

We've included a list of things we'll be doing in this tutorial to make it easier to understand.

  1. Choosing a Web Hosting Platform and Hosting plan
  2. Buying a Domain name for our Blogging Website
  3. Selecting WordPress Theme For our Blogging Website
  4. Writing our First Blog Post
  5. Installing essential Plugins For our Blogging Website

When we create a website and publish it on the internet, one of the most important considerations is web hosting and hosting platform. We can't exclude that

So, for this tutorial, we're going to use GoDaddy to host our Website. Let's Move on to it

Go to If you have an account sign in or Create a New Account For Hosting. On the main page, choose Hosting. From There Choose WordPress Hosting. Here we can see the List of Hosting Plans & Pricing

Hosting Plans & Pricing

In this tutorial, We are Choosing a Basic plan for hosting oursWebsite. It's you're choice to select plans according to your budget.

After that, give your blog a name, such as It will automatically install WordPress after you pick your domain name. After that, choose a username and password for your account.

Buying a Domain name for our Website

A domain name is the main important thing of our Website. it is the address of our website on the internet. You can easily buy a domain name from You can search a domain name you wish and Purchase it.

Installing WordPress Theme for Our Website

We want to add a theme that is good-looking and Mobile-friendly because it is the main look of our website.

You can add a new theme by Going on the WordPress dashboard then select Appearance > Theme

Select Add New option and Add a new Theme OceanWP. Now We've completed the theme setup for our WordPress website.

Writing our First Blog Post

Now we can Look How to create Our First Blog Post. On the WordPress Dashboard Select the option Post > Then Select Add New 

You can add your post heading in the Add title place, and then write the content of your post after that You can click on the Publish Button to Publish That post on your Website. Now We've completed Writing our First Blog Post on the Website.

Installing essential Plugins For our Blogging Website


Contact-Form - We can't ignore the contact form, which is the most important aspect of the website. Now we can add the contact form to our Website Using the Plugin Contact Form 7

You can simply add this contact form to your Website by Going to the WordPress dashboard. Select Plugins > Add New Then search Contact Form 7. 


Yoast-SEO - When it comes to our website, SEO is the most important component. It will assist us in ranking our site on search engines and generating a lot of traffic from there.



Autoptimize simplifies the process of optimizing your website. It will really help us to increase the Page Speed of The Website

We Think This Article Really Help to Get started With Blogging Website Using WordPress

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