How to make a simple WordPress login and registration page

Why Do You need a WordPress Login Page?

The use of the Registration page on your WordPress website is we can enable users to register and post an article on our website or engage in other activities on your website. In this Tutorial, we are Going to show you to create a simple registration page and send a confirmation email

Let's look at how can we create a Login and register page on the WordPress website. To make this tutorial simple we are adding the lists which we are doing in this tutorial on below

# Step-1 Allow Users to Register on WordPress website

Let's Look How can we allow the user to Register on our WordPress website to do this on the Dashboard of the WordPress website go to Settings then go to General From there Click on the Tick Box anyone can Register and Select your user Roles

# Step-2 Installing a User Registration Plugin on WordPress

We are using the Ultimate Member – User Profile plugin on our website. To install this plugin on your WordPress Dashboard Go to Plugins and search Ultimate Member – User Profile after that install and activate the Plugin

Let's look at the Features of this Plugin

Ultimate Member is the most common WordPress user profile and membership plugin. Users can easily sign up and become members of your website with the help of this plugin. The plugin helps you to build advanced online communities and membership sites by allowing you to add beautiful user profiles to your web. Extremely light and extensible

  • Users profiles on the front end
  • User Login and registration page on the front end
  • Shape fields that are special to you
  • Shape fields with conditional logic
  • Form builder with drag and drop functionality
  • A page for the user's account
  • User positions that can be customized
  • Directories of members
  • Emails from users
  • Restriction on content
  • Nav menus with conditions
  • On user profiles, show author posts and comments.

You can read More From Here

To start with this Plugin on your WordPress Dashboard select Ultimate Member. from Ultimate Member Dashboard We can User's Overview from here

# Step-3 Customizing our WordPress Login Page

Let's Look at how we Customize Register, Login, and Profile Page on Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin. To do this on your WordPress Dashboard select the Ultimate Member option and select Forms.

From here we can see 3 Forms that come by Default. If we want We can create a New Form By Clicking Add New option or We can edit the Default Login, register, and Profile Page.

we can customize Easily By Ultimate Member Darg and Drop Builder select on the Default Login Page and Click on the Plus Icon

Clicking on the Plus icon we get so many options that can be added to our Login page You can see on the Below Image 👇

From here you can add Custom Field on your Login page and click on the update button then the Form will Be updated. Do the same things to all of your Forms and Update them.

Now We are ready to go If you have any doubts or Suggestions Let me know through the comment section. Hope you understand How to Create simple Login and registration page 

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