What is Cryptocurrency and How Does it Work?

A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is binary data meant to function as a means of trade in which individual coin ownership records are recorded in a computerized ledger.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency (Crypto) technology is built on top of various data models, or blockchains. There are more than 1,500 crypto coins that have been created, these are known as cryptocurrencies, although all are crypto. Cryptocurrency technology has been in the news lately as bitcoin prices started surging over 100 percent. The price of one bitcoin, which was worth less than US$1,000 at the start of 2017, rose to as high as US$18,000 (S$23,700) in December. A fundamental, or algorithm governing the production of cryptocurrency is similar to that of the digital currency, a cryptocurrency. What are the risks of Cryptocurrency These digital coins do not have tangible form, cannot be easily counterfeited, and are also entirely digital.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Commonly referred to as blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin) are basically a computer-generated ledger that tracks transactions, creates secure digital wallets, and protects the investments made in it from hacking or manipulation. Bitcoin came into the mainstream when a cryptography student from the United States, Satoshi Nakamoto, released the first bitcoin mining software on October 1, 2009. He is said to have implemented the first cryptocurrency without even developing an interface for businesses to accept bitcoin payments. Many economists consider bitcoin to be an unstable investment.

The future of cryptocurrency and its possible risks

Cryptocurrency and trading involve a plethora of risks. Here are some of the possible risks associated with cryptocurrency that could leave you with lost money or worse. Loss of Privacy Over the years, cryptocurrencies have acquired considerable levels of privacy. What this means is that you don't have to reveal your identity or personal information in order to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, but it's an illusion because all coins are recorded on the internet. This is the problem with cryptocurrency because you are purchasing a piece of data rather than a physical coin. The system also uses third parties in order to distribute and verify coins and transactions.


With a combination of both cash and cryptocurrencies, the global cryptocurrency market has more than doubled in value since the start of the year as institutions see its potential to disrupt and innovate financial services in various countries.

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